Bailiff on Bus Lane fine sent to old address

The law: Part 75 of the Civil Procedure Rules.
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#1 Bailiff on Bus Lane fine sent to old address

Postby DASquarePeg » 30 Jan 2014 19:51

We have had a Final Demand delivered to our new address for the previous owner. When querying this it was revealed that we also had a Bus lane fine that had not been paid due to all paperwork being sent to previous registered address for the car (this has since been updated on V5 log book but after the fine was issued).

I have contacted TCE and filled and submitted forms PE2 and PE3 (witnessed by county court officer). The TCE have processed these forms and sent them back to the issuing council, but I have been told it could be up to 10 working days before council deal with these forms. Meanwhile, we're sat in our home, feeling like prisoners dreading the doorbell ringing. Apart from badgering the council, is there anything more I can do? I've never even had the actual Final Demand for my fine as that was also posted to my previous registered address! But because we've queried the fine for the previous owner of the house the bailiffs know where we live. Also, what can I do about the Final Demand that isn't ours? Please!

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#2 Re: Bailiff on Bus Lane fine sent to old address

Postby jasonDWB » 30 Jan 2014 20:24

While an appeal is in progress, there will be no bailiffs. Even if you did, they can't legally do anything anyway, you call police on 999 and the police can check the status of the appeal. You have nothing to worry about.
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